Om Tree – Art Video Om tree with Sanna Myrttinen My good friend and beautiful artist Sanna Myrttinen and I have been wanting to create together. She recently had an art show in Munich and so we decided this would be the perfect moment to try some things out. She had an inspiration about something she wanted and so [...]

Oh, CO2

Hi All, it has been a while, but I have a few songs I am working on and releasing, starting with this one, here. This is an older, but never released, song: Oh, CO2 I have held onto this song for more than a year. I wrote it for a gig, recorded it and then [...]

My Mistake (re-upload of “Where is Away?”)

Hi All, I have been spending a lot of time involved in a project recently, where the issue of proper licensing has been a big topic - and I realized that I made a licensing mistake in the previous upload. So, I have taken the other video down and re-uploaded it in order to have [...]

I’ll Miss You

This is something I wrote a few months ago, as I was wondering where I belong.  I'm sure I'm not the only person born between worlds and nationalities, unsure of where "home" actually is, never fully belonging to one culture. It came out as a song of breaking up, moving on, having to say goodbye. [...]

Sanna Myrttinen

I just added a new blog post about the fantastic artist and environmental activist Sanna Myrttinen, for whom I shot and made this video.  She wanted a video in which she could share her creative process and some thoughts on why she does what she does. This is the end product. As stated by the [...]