Gig in Starnberg (Germany), 22.06.2018

22 June, 2018 at 19:30 in Starnberg, Orlandosaal (free entry) – my first gig since taking a break from music (about a year).

I am singing new songs, old songs, old songs with a new twist, songs I haven’t quite written yet…

If you are in the area, feel free to pop by.

The address is Mühlbergstrasse 4, 82319 Starnberg.

See ya there!! (Or not)


Photo credit: Bence Barla-SzabóMeggieGig.jpg


Happy Cow Appreciation Day!

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Send the Call Out

I’ll Miss You

This is something I wrote a few months ago, as I was wondering where I belong.  I’m sure I’m not the only person born between worlds and nationalities, unsure of where “home” actually is, never fully belonging to one culture.

It came out as a song of breaking up, moving on, having to say goodbye.

This filming was my first experiment in seeing how/if I could do a “live” performance of a song. I think it worked out pretty well.

Hope you enjoy it!

Sanna Myrttinen

I just added a new blog post about the fantastic artist and environmental activist Sanna Myrttinen, for whom I shot and made this video.  She wanted a video in which she could share her creative process and some thoughts on why she does what she does. This is the end product.

As stated by the LDXArtodrome Gallery: ” Das ist ein wirklich schönes Video, natürlich und sehr gut gemacht.” “It’s a truly a lovely video, natural and very well done.”

The background vocals are also by me, with Rebecca Gillan on the piano, in a piano/vocal improvisation between the two of us.  If you like the song, you can buy a very similar one here:

Hope you like it!

I Guess You Just Breathe

2016 was my year of shattered illusions and my call to activism.
After the results of the US election a veil was ripped from my eyes and I looked at the world thinking; “well, fuck!”. Depression hit hard and writing has been the best way for me to deal (actually, writing, vegan ice cream and watching bad movies). This song has been my companion for the past two months. It has eased my growing pains. It has also changed shape quite a few times (there were definitely some raging versions).
I decided to film/record it as my declaration to the new year.
Note to self: breathe. Then act.

I would also like to add that this is the first time I have recorded a baby grand piano “live”.  I feel like it sounds all right.  In a few years I might listen to it and cringe, but right now I say “not too bad for a first go of it”.

Also, Happy New Year!

Raise Your Voice

A “new-ish” song

I wrote this song a few months ago. Right now, it seems very fitting. I’ve noticed that the more I step up for what I think is important, take action, the less likely I am to fall into pits of despair, even though sometimes it seems like the hardest bloody thing to do.