8 Interviews for the Archive of Women in Music

A while ago I was asked to film and produce interviews of 8 women, from the world of music, by the Archiv Frau und Musik, Frankfurt, for a project called “MASCHA” (MusikAktivistinnen SCHaffen Aufmerksamkeit).

Mary Ellen Kitchens (Board of Directors for the Archive of Women in Music, Conductor, Archivist) and Meggie George (Videographer, Editor) at the interview of Siegrid Ernst (Composer)

The interviews are done and have been uploaded onto the online portal of the DDF (Deutsches Digitales Frauenarchive).

The 8 women interviewed were (you can follow the link to see the interviews, read about the women and watch a 2-3 minute teaser):

  1. Siegrid Ernst (Composer)
  2. Eva Rieger (Musicologist)
  3. Gloria Coates (Composer)
  4. Birgit Kiupel (Historian, Cartoonist, Author)
  5. Barbara Heller (Composer)
  6. Annette Schlünz (Composer)
  7. Renate Matthei (Publisher)
  8. Vivienne Olive (Composer)