My Mistake (re-upload of “Where is Away?”)

Woman Sitting on a rock with a uke watching a mother whale and her calf.

Hi All,

I have been spending a lot of time involved in a project recently, where the issue of proper licensing has been a big topic – and I realized that I made a licensing mistake in the previous upload. So, I have taken the other video down and re-uploaded it in order to have the proper license attached to it.

Sorry about that!

Here goes again (and this time I have also attached the lyrics to this page – since I was asked about the lyrics – they are underneath the video link)

I have a new video up and a new category: Ukulele Songs about Real Things

This first song is a song called “Where is Away?” It is a love song to the Oceans and a sad song about plastic pollution in those oceans (I know plastic pollution isn’t the only issue – but I don’t know how to write a song that covers everything)…I’ve debated whether or not to publish this video because my goal is not to preach- but this chorus kind of wrote itself and the song came after and I decided, well, I just can’t hold onto it any longer. I hope you enjoy it…

Where Is Away? (lyrics)

Whale Song Excerpt: “Songlines Maia” by The Oceania Project (,, is licensed under creative commons with attribution
Whale Footage by VIDEODIVE used under license from
All video footage (excluding whale footage) licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0), Public Domain Dedication

Here is a link to donate to the Oceania Project (which I am not affiliated with – I just think they do phenomenal work):

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  1. Thanks, Meggie. I love the song with the video. It reminds me of when you were the sea turtle in 8th grade in Ocean World. So sad.

    I sent your email on to Christoph, knowing he’d enjoy your work, too. I wish you lots of luck with your project.

    Hope to see you soon!


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    1. Hi Emily – thank you very much! It actually makes me think of that as well (which also makes me sad).
      I appreciate you forwarding it to Christoph, and hope he likes it.
      All the best to you and hope to see you soon!


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