A Village Funeral in the time of Covid-19

I recently “stumbled” into a collaboration with Garth Bardsley, Gregory Wanamaker and Donald George ( who happens to be my father and the reason for the collab).

Garth Bardsley is a poet who had written a poem about attending a funeral in these times of Covid-19. Gregory Wanamaker is a composer who put this poem to music, creating a very moving monologue. Donald George is a tenor, who was asked to interpret this piece. And then, finally, a video was needed and I was asked if I would take over that job ( I also recorded Donald’s vocals).

What came out of it is a beautiful collaboration that was just released on YouTube.

In the words of the composer (taken from his statement on YouTube):

“A Village Funeral in the time of COVID-19 is a setting of a beautiful and heart-wrenching poem by Garth Bardsley, my close friend and frequent collaborator.

A narrative monologue, this poem addresses the affect of the pandemic COVID-19 upon mortality and emotional gatherings.

A Village Funeral in the time of COVID-19 was completed on 28 June 2020 in Potsdam, NY. It is approximately 12 minutes in duration.”

Here’s a little article about the collaboration:


For more information about Gregory Wanamaker, visit his website at http://www.gregorywanamaker.com
For more information about Garth Bardsley, visit his website at http://www.garthbardsley.co.uk
For more information about Donald George, visit his website at http://www.donaldgeorge.de

Music: © 2020 Gregory Wanamaker Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.
Words © 2020 Garth Sheridan Bardsley (PRS) All rights reserved.
Video © 2020 Meggie George. All rights reserved.

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