Voice Lessons

My voice teachers used to tell me that if I really wanted to learn how to sing I would have to teach it as well.  So I did.  I never thought it would be something that filled me with joy – but to my great surprise it is.
So many of usgolden1c are disconnected from our voices.  We have heard: “you can’t sing” “you don’t have a voice” “you sound horrible”  so often that we no longer trust this instrument we are carrying around with us. We rarely raise our voices freely to celebrate or mourn or… anything.

The voice lessons I teach aim to remove these blocks.  Each one of us has a voice.  This voice can soothe us, heal us and, ultimately,connect us to the world around us.

I use the techniques I have learned in all my years of performing and studying – combining them with visualization and concentration techniques in order to give each student the ability to allow their voice to ring out freely. Often, our mind is our biggest block in allowing us to express our creativity.

Most of us have forgotten how to breathe naturally.  A baby can scream for hours because a baby breathes with its entire body.  As part of my classes I teach students to reconnect with their breath  – so that they can sing for hours.

I teach in New Orleans or via Skype.

For more information please contact me.