I Am Alive – acoustic

Hi All,

I am writing quite a bit this month.  I just published the acoustic version of the song “I Am Alive”.

I hope you enjoy it!

Also, I now have an official page on Spotify and Apple music, so if you are someone who subscribes to that, feel free to follow these links:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3xTwDZigwdRAIcwv0o1XDH?si=opDp5ogRTrKbFCUUOuXNpQ&nd=1

Amazon/iTunes: https://music.amazon.com/artists/B00F5BNLDM/meggie-george

I hope you are all well and able to find things that give you joy and some peace in these extreme times (and/or place that give you a channel and direction for your rage).

Much love,


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