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Hi All,

It’s been a little while since I have posted on here, but I have some things I have been up to.

First of all, I have recorded and am releasing new music, starting with: one song in an acoustic and a full version.  The song is called “I Am Alive” and the official release date is Sunday, the 21st March.

You can pre-save the the songs on Spotify with this link:

Tomorrow, I will be releasing the video to the full version.  The video to the acoustic version will be released on Sunday, via a benefit concert called “Beats for Bukoba”.

On top of that, I just launched my very own Patreon page.  Feel free to check it out – but there is no obligation (obviously)  for anything at all. I will also keep releasing all my music and videos free of charge, via whatever platforms support them.

I would also like to share a link of a video I made based on a performance I did with Birgit Kiupel for the 40th Anniversary of the Archiv Frau und Musik in Frankfurt. I was the camera woman for this event as well, so when it was my turn to get up on stage and play the piano, sing and yodel, I left the camera unwomanned, someone bumped into it and I ended up having a lovely recording of a pillar.  So I changed the concept and mixed some of my music (and one piece I did with Rebecca Gillan) to fit with Birgit’s sketches. You can check that out below.

On another note: last year I filmed the Orchesterverein Kempten rehearsing during lockdown, as they prepared for an open air performance that almost happened but then… didn’t.  This little jewel is being released today via the (here is their YouTube channel).

Phew, ok – done for now!

I hope these lines find you well in these f*ck*d up times.

Rage, love and solidarity,



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